The Best Kind Of Support


There are helpful and non-helpful ways of supporting a family member or friend who is trying to quit smoking. These tools can help you be the best kind of support they need and help them succeed.

FAQs for Helping Someone Quit

Support your loved one by learning how much support you should give someone who decides to stop smoking. Everyone who stops needs a different amount or type of support.

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The buddy system

There is strength in numbers, and uniting for a common cause can be powerful. A great source of support can be found in a “quit buddy”. Read more on using the buddy system to help you stay smoke-free below

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Helping A Loved One Quit

Join The Quit Smoking Forum

Get advice and encouragement from an online community of ex-smokers and current smokers trying to quit. Browse around. Join the discussion. Make connections with other quitters.

Do’s and Don’ts

General hints for friends and family.

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