Smoke-free Homes

Did you know, living in a smoke free environment can help you to stay tobacco free and can help the people you live with as well as your neighbors? For more information on smoke-free homes, apartments, and condos, please read below.

Is Secondhand Smoke Really That Bad?

Second hand smoke is harmful and unfortunately can drift between apartment and condo units. The smoke from cigarettes or cigars can enter through doors and windows, as well as through a building’s air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets and lighting fixtures. California law permits landlords to designate any portion of their property, including the entire property as “nonsmoking.” Find out more on what you can do to BREATHE smoke-free in your home by clicking the link below.

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Create a Smoke-Free Home

Smoking inside or around your home can cause health problems for you and your family. For example, did you know that smoking around children can trigger an asthma attack for little ones? Creating a house rule that doesn’t allow anyone to smoke inside of the home at any time, can help to create a safe and healthy environment.

Click on the button below for tips to keep you home and car smoke-free.

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