Smoke-free Teens and Young Adults

Be Tobacco Free!

When you were younger, the adults in your life made most of your decisions for you. But that’s changed. You make most of your decisions now. You’re in control of the direction your life takes. So, where is your life going? What do you want to be? What do you value? These are huge questions, with no easy answers, but start by being tobacco free!

Want To Quit But Don’t Know How?

Let’s be real, quitting is hard, but it works best when you’re prepared. Here are some steps you can take before quitting that can help you be successful.

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Smoking and Friends

You’re a teenager, and your social life is important to you. But have you ever thought about how it can influence your decisions? 90 percent of adult smokers started smoking in their teens. Does who you hang out with affect your smoking habits? Learn more about things you can do to still have a life while you’re trying to quit smoking.

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Be Smoke-Free!

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There are plenty of reasons to quit smoking. Your heart, lungs, even your finances will see an improvement. Add years to your life and life to your years!

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Smoking and the Movies

Watching movies that include smoking can cause young people to start smoking. The more smoking young people see on screen, the more likely they are to start smoking.

Tobacco in youth-rated movies, 2015

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The QuitSTART App

quitSTART is a free app made for teens who want to quit smoking, but adults can use it too. This app takes the information you provide about your smoking history and gives you tailored tips, inspiration, and challenges to help you become smokefree and live a healthier life.

quitSTART helps you:

  • Get ready to quit with tips and information to prepare you for becoming smokefree
  • Monitor your progress and earn badges for smokefree milestones and other achievements
  • Get back on track if you slip and smoke
  • Manage cravings and bad moods in healthy ways
  • Distract yourself from cravings with games and challenges
  • Store helpful tips, inspirations, and challenges in your Quit Kit
  • Share your progress and favorite tips through social media

quitSTART is a product of Smokefree Teen—a smoking cessation resource for teens created by the Tobacco Control Research Branch at the National Cancer Institute in collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and input from tobacco control professionals, smoking cessation experts, and ex-smokers.

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