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Healthy Snacks- 100 Calories or Less


Having snacks in between meals is normal and in many cases can be healthy. These parent tips will help you to choose healthy snacks for your family that are 100 calories or less.

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Understanding Food Labels

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Get in the habit of checking out your food’s Nutrition Facts box before you eat it. Learning to read a food label properly can help you make smarter food choices and fill your cabinets with healthy food items.

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Portion Distortion, Then and Now


Do you know how food portions have changed over the last twenty years? Take a cruise down memory lane and put your skills to the test. Take your pick at guessing which era has the portions with the greatest calories. Good luck!

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Food 101: Understanding Food Nutrition Labels


Somewhere on the food package you purchase at the grocery store is a tag called a food nutrition label. These labels are helpful because they describe exactly what’s inside the food we are about to eat. Many of the packaged foods we consume contain nutrients. Combining the right nutrients such as vitamins and dietary fiber aids in the body’s overall growing process. Learning to read and understand food nutrition labels is important when making the decision to eat healthy. To make it a little easier, here’s more information on reading and understanding food nutrition labels.

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This colorful animated video short for kids focuses on using the Nutrition Facts Label to make healthy dietary choices. Watch it to discover what you need to know about calories, serving size, and the nutrients you should aim to get less of. Read the Label and you can be a winner every time!- US Food and Drug Administration


Serving Size VS. Portion Size

Healthy eating includes making healthful food choices, which means knowing what and how much you eat. Do you know the difference between serving and portion sizes? While the terms serving and portion often are used interchangeably, they actually mean different things.

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Serving Sizes In Hand

Do you know how much your kids are really eating? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the portions we are serving our children are the right serving size for their nutritional needs. One of the best ways to determine proper sizing is to use your hand as a measuring guide. Take a look at how you can use your hand to measure serving sizes for your children.

Portion Distortion

Anyone eating on the run or at restaurants has probably noticed that food portions have gotten larger. Some portions are called “super size,” while others have simply grown in size and provide enough food for at least two people. With this growth have come increases in waistlines and body weight. Learning portion control is vital to overall and sustainable health.

To see if you know how today’s portions compare to the portions available 20 years ago, quiz yourself on Portion Distortion I (2003). You will also learn about the amount of physical activity required to burn off the extra calories provided by today’s portions.

We hope you find Portion Distortion insightful and fun. We also hope that next time you eat on the run, you will think twice about the food portions offered to you.

Track My Calories

Calorie tracking can be easy! Try using these tools as way to keep track of your daily calorie intake.

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