Water Safety and Drowning Prevention


Prevent Drowning


It only takes seconds to drown. Learn how to prevent drowning by taking a look at these resources.

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Create Water Safety Barriers

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Keep your family safe and prevent drowning by creating water safety barriers. Water barriers can prevent your child from reaching the water alone and unsupervised.

Learn more about water safety barriers here.

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Healthy Swimming

Swimming and other water-related activities are excellent ways to get the physical activity and health benefits needed for a healthy life. However, they are not risk-free. CDC’s Healthy Swimming website provides information for all groups of individuals involved in a healthy and safe swimming experience about how to maximize the health benefits of swimming while minimizing the risk of illness and injury.

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The ABC’s of Water Safety

In Southern California, drowning prevention and water safety should be practiced on a year-round basis with special emphasis during the summer months. Take a look at this video to learn more about the ABC’s of drowning prevention.

Empower Your Kids Through Water Safety Rules

Prevent accidents and drowning’s by setting water safety rules for children. Take a look at these safety rules by the Orange County Fire Authority to begin having positive conversations with your children.

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H2O Smartz

What do surfing, fishing, water skiing, and swimming have in common? They are all lots of fun…and they all take place in, on, or around the water! Water activities are a great way to stay cool and have a good time with your friends or your family. Take along these tips — and your common sense — to get wet, make waves, and have a blast! Please see tips below.

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