Submitting Content


Content Submission Guidelines

What we look for:

Tools for families to EAT healthy, PLAY some way and BREATHE smoke free every day

Must compliment the existing web site content that enhances community resources

Unique and creative perspectives on featured content

Ethical and fair writing/ promotion

Vibrant, timely/current content and/or resources

Low cost or free events, and activities centered around physical activity, healthy nutrition and/or smoking cessation

What we avoid:

Branding and/or marketing of promotional products or companies (weight loss pills/energy drinks/etc.)

Copyright infringement. All photos must be registered to your company/ organization


Derogatory or inflammatory messages and/or language i.e. content, activities, and/or photographs

Please send all content submissions and inquiries to All information and content is subject to administrator approval. Inquiries will be processed in order received, unless otherwise agreed upon.