3 Super Fun Spring Family Games


How about a little springtime family fun? By using many of the items you already have at home or will have for spring festivities, you can turn this sunny weathered season into a day of walking, rolling, and hopping. From egg walks to jumping bunnies, the below games provided by PLAYTIVITES are a great way to get physically active. Take a look at this list of 3 super fun spring family games.

Egg Walk

Kick up your normal family walks with a fun and friendly game of egg walking. Using a paper or plastic plate, place one to two hardboiled or plastic eggs on top. Create a start and finish line by using objects around you. Trees, flower pots, and doggie bowls are great markers. Once in place, and on the count of three, begin walking as fast as you can to the finish line trying your best not to drop your eggs. Those who drop an egg must go back to the starting line and begin again. Happy walking!


Egg Bowling

This fun activity uses colorful plastic eggs as mini bowling balls and a cardboard box as the goal. First begin by assigning each family member with an egg color. At a starting place, take turns rolling your eggs towards the goal. If your egg stops short, leave it in its place, and allow the next person to go. Take turns rolling the eggs until a winner is found. Happy rolling!


Jumping Bunnies

A traditional potato sack race becomes festive with this jumping bunny game. Start by using potato sacks or pillow cases. Begin by placing both feet in the sack and use your hands to hold it in place. On the count of three start hopping towards the finish line. The first to reach the finish line is the winner. Beware, this game can cause major laughter and hours of fun. Happy hopping!