3 Tips to EATing Healthy with Work, Kids, and Back to School


School is back in session for the kids and that can mean the return of busy schedules. Although time may be limited, there is still opportunities to EAT healthy with your family. Take a look at these 3 tips to help you continue to EAT healthy while balancing work, kids, and back to school.

#1 Plan ahead

Planning your meals ahead of time can save you from stressing in the kitchen. Weekly meal planning is a great way to decide what will be for dinner and how you can make it healthy. If you happen to have a parent teacher meeting on a Tuesday night, you can plan ahead to have dinner already made or decide to cook a dinner that can be done quickly. Salads and soups are tasty meals that can often be made in a flash. Get started by checking out these sample meal plans from USDA Super Tracker. They can show you just a few ways on how to combine meals and snacks to meet your daily food group targets.

#2 Stock your kitchen with healthy items

“When you are busy, you will eat what is around the house or resort to ordering in or using the drive-thru” (Dairy Council of CA). To avoid this behavior, make sure to stock your kitchen with items that are healthy and tasty. Avoid buying junk food, and instead choose fruits and vegetables. These can be canned, frozen or fresh. In those moments when you’re searching for something to eat, you’ll have plenty of healthy options to choose from.

#3 EAT healthy when ordering take out

Balancing it all can be difficult and sometimes there is simply not enough time to prepare home cooked meals. When this happens, don’t fret. Instead, choose to eat healthier items at your favorite take out spots. Instead of fried foods, choose baked or grilled items. Also many places, have vegetables as side dishes. So in place of French fries, you could have a side of broccoli, corn, or any other fruit or vegetable that is available. For more information on eating healthy on the run, please click here.








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