3 Ways to Keep Your Child from Smoking.

Help your child be as healthy as they can, by encouraging them to make good choices. Staying away from smoking can set them on the right path and help them grow into strong adults. Take a look at these 3 ways to keep your child from smoking.

#1 Be a role model

Learning begins at home, and being a role model for your growing tot is important. Whether you smoke or not, be mindful of the behaviors you display in front of your kids. Their little eyes are always watching what you do, so be a healthy model and shape them into strong and healthy adults. Encourage your kids to stay away from smoking beginning at a young age. Your words and actions can help them to instead choose healthier activities. Cooking, sports, and reading are a few ways for them to stay busy and keep their minds and bodies active.


#2 Keep a smoke-free home

Keeping a smoke-free home creates a safe environment for your kids.  Setting rules and standards about smoking can help your family avoid the risk of secondhand smoke or exposure to harmful products. Start by having a talk with your family about setting a few simple rules for your household. They can include: not having tobacco, vaping, and e-cigarette products in your home and not allowing anyone to smoke indoors or directly outside of your house. Involving your family in making house rules can help them keep the standards and encourage house guests to do the same.

#3 Give your kids the facts they need

Being honest and truthful with your children can help them to avoid peer pressure. Depending on their age, have talks about the harmful effects of smoking. Also, make sure to include a few pointers on how they can overcome peer pressure from friends or families. Consider telling your child that if they begin to experience peer pressure, they can always talk to you for advice. Developing a bond with your child that is built on open communication can help them stay clear of these behaviors and make healthier decisions in the long run.

For more information on how you can protect your child from smoking, please click here and here.





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