4 Simple Tips for a Healthy Household

Happy healthy parents make happy healthy children”. – Dr. Miriam Stoppard


Helping your family stay healthy doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, simple changes can have a big impact. Take a look at these 4 simple tips for a healthy household to get started.

1. Keep fruit and veggies around for a quick snack.

After school, children and teens tend to be hungry. Help feed their hunger in the right way, by supplying your house with fruits and vegetables. Fresh, frozen, or canned fruits and vegetables make great snacks, and they also have less amounts of sugar and salt than other snack choices. Keeping a bowl in the kitchen stocked with your family’s favorite fruits will encourage your child to make healthier eating choices. Also, on the go items such as fruit cups and veggie packs are easy to grab, and frozen fruit makes for tasty afternoon smoothies. Take a look here, to discover more recipes that can be made from fruits and vegetables.

2. Take a walk with your family after dinner.


It’s not unusual for children and adults alike to have busy days. With jam packed schedules at school and work, it’s important to take a moment to unwind and relax. One inexpensive and fun way to do this, is by taking a family walk after dinner. A quick walk around the neighborhood or park gives your family a chance to have some PLAY time and have conversations about the day.

3. Get children involved in the kitchen.

Get your children involved in the kitchen by giving them a chance to help choose the weekly menu and cook some of your favorite meals. Having your child suggest a few dinner options will encourage them to eat the meals you prepare, as well as open their minds to healthy eating. As a family, get creative in finding ways to add more fruits and vegetables to your meals and make a few household favorites healthier. Children make excellent helpers and based on their age can perform many duties, like stirring and chopping.


4. Limit TV time

If your family usually eats their meals while watching TV, you may want to consider reducing TV time. Replacing TV time with PLAY time is a great way to get active for the entire family. Fun games of kickball or backyard baseball make for sweet spring memories and also helps your family get the exercise they need. It is recommended that everyone has at least thirty minutes of physical activity per day. Help your family reach that goal by PLAYing in some way, every day! Take a look here for more ideas on how you can get your kids moving.






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