5 Tips to fall into Fitness

Fall into fitness this season with these 5 tips to get your body moving and heart rate up. The fall season is a great time to begin or continue being physical active. Your efforts help to create healthy habits for the upcoming holiday season and winter months. To get started, take a look at these fall fitness tips.

#1 -Take advantage of the weather

Typically, the fall season brings about cooler temperatures which may be more comfortable to exercise. Take advantage of the crisp air, and make time to get physically active outdoors. A nice walk through your neighborhood or the park gives you a chance to stretch your muscles and take in the beautiful fall scenery. Walking, jogging, and/or running also can help you maintain a healthy weight, improve your mood, and prevent conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes (American Diabetes Association). If you’re looking for a place to get outdoors and enjoy the weather, try visiting one of the many OC Parks. Click here to find a listing of the OC Parks and trails.

#2 -Slowly add in more fitness daily

Being active doesn’t always mean going to the gym. Walking, dancing, and PLAYing are also ways to get physically active. This fall, challenge yourself to slowly add in more fitness to your day. Small efforts such as parking your car farther from the entrance is a good start. This will allow you to increase your daily steps. Also, when grocery shopping, try doing a few extra laps around the store than you normally would. When it’s time to return your grocery cart, instead of placing it in the closest return location, walk it back to the return location in front of the store.

#3 -Try something new

Each season has the potential to bring about new opportunities. If you have been doing the same fitness activity all year long, try switching it up this fall. For example, instead of swimming, you could try hiking or Zumba. Changing your fitness routine a few times throughout the year not only gives you something fun and new to look forward to, but it also can improve your body in different ways. While Zumba can help you burn calories, and increase your endurance, hiking can build muscle strength and stronger bones.

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