Learn the ABC’S of Water Safety

The water can be a great place to play! Swimming and other water-related activities are excellent ways to get the physical activity and health benefits needed for a healthy life. This summer, practice the ABCs of water safety to stay safe and have a great time playing in the water!

A= Adult Supervision
Adult supervision is important for water safety. Children can drown quickly and silently in only a little bit of water. It doesn’t take long- only a quick glance away from your child can be enough time for your child to be underwater. It’s important that an adult always be present anytime a child is next to a body of water. Supervision is crucial and can help reduce the likelihood of drowning. Supervising adults should maintain eye contact and stay within arm’s reach of children.

B= Barriers
Having barriers around bodies of water helps to reduce the likelihood of children accidentally falling into the water. Pool fences should be installed around pool areas and or open bodies of water and should have a lock that is out of hands reach for little ones. The bars in between pool fences should also be close together to avoid children squeezing between them. Make sure to remove chairs, tables, and toys that could be used to help children climb over pool fences. Pool toys and accessories should be taken out of the pool area as to not attract children. Lastly, make sure to have a clear view of your pool area at all times. Trees, plants, and objects obstructing view should be removed or lowered.OCHA_Ad_Seconds-Boys-11x17

C= Classes
Have you been trained in CPR? It’s important to have CPR training in the event that an accident were to occur. Having CPR knowledge will allow you to assist children in the initial and most vital stages of drowning. In addition to becoming CPR certified, having your child participate in swimming classes is also a good idea. Not only is it fun, it will also give your child the ability to swim properly and safely.


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