Be a Healthy Eating Role Model

Parents, did you know that you’re the biggest role model in your child’s life? In fact, parents can influence their children to live healthy lifestyles by being a leading example. Modeling healthy eating habits and maintaining a positive attitude about food can build healthy behaviors in your child. To continue being the best role model, take a look at these 3 role model tips:

Role model tip #1- Never skip meals

Eating three meals a day is important to keep your body running and full of energy. Choose to not skip meals and instead make time to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. Making the decision to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, will encourage your child to also eat three meals per day.

Role model tip #2- Limit junk food

Limit the amount of junk food you keep in your household. Try keeping fruits and vegetables in easy to grab places. You can do this by keeping a fruit bowl on your kitchen table. Weekly, you can fill your fruit bowl with your favorite fruits or mix and match fruits that you love with fruits you’ve never tried before. As your child sees you eating more fruits and vegetables, they will too!

Role model tip #3- Try fruit and yogurt for dessert

Crunchy Berry Parfait

Picture courtesy of: USDA

Fruit and yogurt make for tasty desserts that are easy to make and healthy. While traditional desserts are often high in sugar, using fruit and yogurt can help you cut out extra calories and add fruit into your daily diet. A few tasty recipes that are simple to make are Strawberry Yogurt Pops, Fruit Kabobs, and Crunchy Berry Parfait. Watching you choose desserts that have more fruit and lesser amounts of sugar, will encourage your child to do the same.



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