The Benefits of Being Smoke-Free

By not using or smoking tobacco, you are on your way to living your healthiest lifestyle yet. Although having a healthy lifestyle is reason enough to quit, here are three other benefits of becoming and being smoke-free!

You can EAT healthier!

Smoking can reduce your appetite. When you give up tobacco, your desire to EAT may increase, which may leave you concerned that you will gain weight if you quit. Try to eat three nutritious meals each day – one meal for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner. You may also begin to notice that your food is tasting better. This is due to your taste buds being restored. “Following a healthy eating plan and increasing physical activity will help you manage your weight” ( Take a look at the USDA Mixing Bowl to find recipes that are healthy and tasty.

You can PLAY more!

Smoke breaks are a thing of the past, and you can use that time to get out and PLAY! Physical activity keeps your body in tip top shape, and can keep your mind off cravings. Over a period of time, your body will begin to react positively to not smoking. “Within two weeks of quitting, you might notice it’s easier to walk up the stairs because you may be less short of breath” (  Take a look here, to find a local park, fitness class, or playground to begin PLAYing today.

You can BREATHE better

Quitting smoking can mean you will breathe better. Over time, your lung function will begin to improve after stopping smoking. Simply inhaling in and exhaling out will become easier, and you might notice a stronger sense of smell. “Fact: Smelling better is just one benefit of quitting” ( Also, coughing begins to decrease over the first week (although for some it may take weeks as your lungs clean themselves).

For more information on how to BREATHE smoke-free every day, please click here.




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