Parent Tips


You may not think your kids are listening, but believe it or not, they really are.  If  you want to keep them from smoking, they need you to talk to them about the risks.  Studies show that most adult smokers started as teens.

Be A Finisher!

Photo courtesy of: The Truth Campaign

Let’s be the generation to stop smoking. To date, only 9% of teens smoke. That’s down from 23% in 2000. We can be the generation that ends smoking altogether. Join us and let’s #FinishIT

Talking With Your Kids

The health risks of smoking are well known. Setting clear rules about not using tobacco products can help protect your children from this unhealthy habit. Talk with your kids about the dangers of tobacco use.

Prevention Tips▶

Keep Your Kids From Starting

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Want to prevent teen smoking? Understand why teens smoke and how to talk to your teen about cigarettes. Take a look at these ten ways to keep your teen smoke-free.

Learn More About Youth and Tobacco Use

Tobacco use is started and established primarily during adolescence. Nearly 9 out of 10 cigarette smokers first tried smoking by age 18, and 99% first tried smoking by age 26. Keep your child smoke-free by learning more about youth and tobacco use.