DIY Healthy Valentine’s Day treats!

Love yourself enough to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.”  – Unknown

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be fancy to be enjoyable. Do-it-yourself (DIY) this Valentine’s Day by making these cute and festive treats. They’re healthy, delicious, and can help you gain brownie points with your friends and family. So grab your heart shaped cookie cutters, and get ready to make magic with these DIY healthy Valentine’s Day treats!


Melon heart pops and yogurt dip

Photo courtesy of: Parents

What makes these melon heart pops so cool is that you can choose from cantaloupe, honey dew melon, or watermelon to create this dish. All you need are: a few Popsicle sticks, the melon of your choice, and a heart shaped cookie cutter. If you have a little more time on your hands, you could scrap the cutter and carefully carve the melons into heart shapes with a kitchen knife. Spruce up this sweet treat, by having Greek yogurt as a yummy dipping sauce. It’s a wonderful complement to these melon heart pops.

Melon Heart Pops and Yogurt Dip Recipe

Heart shaped egg in a basket

Egg in a Basket Main


Photo courtesy of: A Healthier America

Breakfast can be fun too! With inspiration from an old school recipe like ‘egg in a basket’, you can turn this classic into a revamped Valentine’s Day meal. Simply use your cookie cutter to pierce a hole through your whole wheat bread, brown on the stove for minute, and crack an egg directly into the heart shape. Prepare to your liking and voila’ you have another masterpiece. By the way, adding a few strawberries doesn’t hurt either.

Heart Shaped Egg in a Basket Recipe

Yogurt covered strawberries

Yogurt Strawberries

Photo courtesy of: Spark People

Strawberries are a favorite among many, and what else says Valentine’s Day more than covered strawberries. Instead of using chocolate to dip your berries, yogurt makes an equally taste substitution, and it’s much healthier. Click here to get the full recipe for these delightful yogurt covered strawberries.

Yogurt Covered Strawberries Recipe



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