Get out and PLAY in the OC

Orange County is filled with beautiful beaches, fantastic parks, and plenty of events & activities to keep you and your family busy all season. With so many things to do, and limited amounts of time, start planning your summer outings early by taking a look at these 3 ways to have fun this summer.


1. Explore the parks

With so many parks in Orange County, you could explore them throughout the entire season. From local to far away, make new memories by spending your free time enjoying all of the amenities these parks have to offer. There are guided fitness hikes that raise both your heart rate and spirit, and bird walks which gives you a great opportunity to spot local native and resident birds. Join in on the fun by taking a look at all of the events and activities happening now until the end of summer. View the calendar here. Also, take a look at this list of County parks and trails.

2. PLAY at the beach

Get your swimsuits, beach balls, and sunglasses ready, because it’s the perfect time to PLAY at the beach! Enjoy the season’s warm weather by cooling off and having fun at the beach. You could build sand castles until the sun goes down or start up a fun game of beach volleyball. The opportunities to PLAY, are endless. To get you going, here’s a list of 6 OC beaches where you can PLAY. Once you’re there, try your hand at 10 of our Favorite, free Beach Activities.

Before you head off take a look at a few ways you can be safe in the water.

3. Visit historic sites

Heritage Hill Historical Park

Did you know that Orange County is filled with history and landmarks? From historic buildings dating back to the 1800’s to museums and orange groves, there is so much to see. Walk your way through these landmarks this season by making this a fun trip for your family and friends. OC Parks offers free, weekly walking tours for individuals and groups. Get your walking shoes ready for a season full of fun. Get started by taking a look at the all of the historical sites located in Orange County, by clicking here.


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