Heads up and Helmets on; Helmet Safety

Bike riding and skateboarding are fun ways to get outdoors and get some exercise. Kids must wear helmets. It is against the law not to. Adults can set a good example for children by also wearing a helmet. Helmets keep adults protected too. Unfortunately accidents do happen, and kids and adults who are wearing helmets have a better chance at avoiding serious injury. Wearing a helmet is serious stuff, but it can also be enjoyable. Choosing a proper fitting helmet that keeps you safe is only half the fun. Helmets come in all sorts of cool designs and colors. You can even get creative with stickers. Although be careful about adding too many additional items to your helmet. This can lead to helmets no longer being considered safe. So, before you head out on your bike or skateboard remember, that wearing a helmet is cool and safe! Now that’s a two for one deal. Check out the tips below for information on ensuring the helmet you are choosing is safe.

Tip #1 Helmets should fit properly

A quick tip to remember is that helmet size is based on head size, not age. An easy way to determine your helmet size is by using measuring tape to measure around the head, just above the eyebrows.  You don’t want your helmet to be too tight or too loose. To ensure safety, you want your helmet to fit snug and comfortable.

Tip #2 Keep your helmet level

A helmet should be worn evenly on top of your head. If your helmet sits too far on one side or too far to the back of the head, this helmet is not safe. Make sure your helmet is evenly level and covers your forehead. This prevents injury. When rocked back and forth, the helmet should move only one inch in either direction.  If your helmet moves too much, you may need to tighten the straps or use thicker pads.

Tip #3 Keep those straps fastened

Helmet straps should always be fastened and adjusted properly. Helmet straps help keep the helmet on your head and avoid serious injuries if a fall was to occur. Ear straps should form a “V” just below each ear and buckle below the chin. There should only be enough room for one finger size to fit between the strap and the chin.

 Tip #4 Personalize

Treat your helmet as an outer extension of yourself. Get creative and let your personality show by choosing a cool color or design. Stickers can help to jazz up your helmet for all the world to see.

Now that we have our tips covered, check out this video for a little extra assistance.