Healthy School Lunch Box Ideas

Make time for eating healthy!” – Unknown

The schools bells are ringing and that means it’s time for the kiddos to go back to school. Send your children back to school in style with a healthy lunch box that is sure to make their tummy smile smile emoticon. By following the Myplate guidelines, which include packing fruits, veggies, and grains, lunchtime can be healthy and equally yummy! As you prepare to pack your child’s lunch, take a look at these recipes for #healthy #foodspiration!

Fruit and Veggie Water Bottles

Drinking water is so important for kid’s health and should be a part of their daily schedule. Drinking water daily provides hydration, helps control calories, energizes muscles, and keeps skin looking good! When packing your child’s school lunch, skip sugary drinks and instead include bottles of water. One way to make water fun and tasty is to add in fruits and veggies to create different flavors. Try adding strawberries and blueberries for a flavor explosion. For more ideas on adding flavor to your kid’s water, please click here.

Sandwich Wraps

Sandwiches can be a little boring at times, but sandwich wraps give you an opportunity to add loads of healthy veggies inside of a whole wheat tortilla wrap for your kiddos. A few kid approved favorites include, adding diced chicken, lettuce, and avocados. The options for this lunch staple are nearly endless. Another great thing about this meal, is that you can make these ahead of time and store them in the fridge for future use. Can you say time saver! For more sandwich wrap ideas, please click here.

Pretzels and Hummus Dip

Pretzels and hummus dip makes for the perfect mid-day snack or side dish to any lunch meal. The great thing about hummus is that it’s extremely flavorful thanks to the Garbanzo beans and it can be spiced up to your child’s liking.  Plus, crunchy pretzels can make any dish taste better! Try picking up a yummy hummus dip the next time you’re at the market, or if you have the time, try making this homemade hummus for your little ones.

Apple, Peanut Butter, and Raisin Sandwiches

Dessert can be healthy too! These apple, peanut butter, and raisin sandwiches are a great way to add a little sweet to your child’s lunchbox, but also keep it healthy. For this recipe, slice and core apples of your choice, spread peanut butter on top, sprinkle raisins to your liking, and top your sandwich with another apple slice. If you happen to have granola on hand, you can also sprinkle it on top for an added crunch.

School Lunch at the White House

Here’s an extra boost for your child’s back to school lunch, take a look at this video for White House Approved Lunch Ideas. “In a video series with CafeMom, White House Executive Chef White House Cristeta Comerford shows how easy it is to pack a lunch both you and your kids will love by injecting veggies and variety into the daily mix. And because Cris is a mom herself, she knows that including colorful pieces that are bite size (and dippable) means the lunch is that much more likely to get eaten. “– Lets Move

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