Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Snacks

Make this St. Patrick’s Day magically delicious and healthy, by creating holiday themed snacks. Take a look at the snack ideas below and get cooking.

Rainbow Fruit Salad

“Don’t miss all the beautiful colors of the rainbow, looking for that pot of gold”. – Author Unknown

This rainbow salad looks so yummy, we’ll do without the pot of gold this time. Your kids will love this snack thanks to all the tasty fruit. This colorful rainbow features raspberries, oranges, pineapples, kiwi, blue berries, and red grapes. On the side, we’ve added a dish for our Greek yogurt dip and another dish with handful of sliced bananas. You can get as creative and as colorful as you’d like. Feel free to switch up the fruits and try out in season fruits and arrange them on a serving dish in the shape of a rainbow. Watch how big your children’s eyes get for this yummy snack.

Photo courtesy of: The Produce Mom 

Leprechaun Veggie Hats

Have you ever seen a Leprechaun without his hat? Well, neither have we but these Leprechaun veggie hats are sure to bring good luck! This recipe is easy and yummy. If you have cucumbers, yellow bell pepper, and cheese give this recipe a try. Check out the full recipe here.

Photo courtesy of: Creative Food

Four leaf Clover” Smoothie

On this St. Patrick’s Day, refresh with a “four leaf clover” smoothie. To find four leaf clovers, look for your local Leprechaun garden and pick a few. Okay, so we couldn’t find a Leprechaun house in our area, so we scratched the four leaf clovers and added spinach. They’re both green and leafy right? In a blender add a cup of ice, cut up green apples, a hand full of spinach, one sliced banana, and a ¼ cup of orange. Blend for one minute and voila! You now have a green smoothie fine enough for the best of Leprechauns.

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