How much is smoking really costing you?

I’ve stopped smoking. I think the cost was a lot of it, and not being able to BREATHE”. – Dave Allen


As you may know, smoking is linked to many negative health effects, but it can also put a major hurting on your wallet. A person who smokes on average a pack of day could end paying up to $160 per week or nearly $8,500 each year. Making the decision to quit smoking could lead to saving that money for other fun and healthy opportunities. Have you ever dreamed of taking a hiking adventure through the Grand Canyon, or enrolling in brag worthy surf lesson?  Well, making the decision to quit, could help you save enough money to do so.

In the future, smoking will also cost you more too. Beginning in April 2017, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and vaping devices will see a huge increase in pricing. “California’s Proposition 56 will increase taxes on a pack of cigarettes from 87 cents to $2.87” (Reuters).  Overtime, that could cause a major hole in your wallet or take a giant bite out of your paycheck. Click here to see how smoking could be taking a bite out of your paycheck.

Take back control over your finances and make the decision to live life smoke-free! You’ll get a chance to see your bank account grow, and you can use that extra money to do things that you enjoy. Like: gym memberships, cool vacations, and/or extra money for those expensive college books! Who knew a chemistry book could cost so much. Start now by taking this quiz to see how smoking affects your paycheck. Then, take a look at these resources to help you on your journey towards becoming smoke-free.





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