How to Pack a Healthy & Tasty School Lunch

Did you know that there is a science to packing a healthy lunch? Well, that’s not necessarily true. However, there are simple tips and tricks to making a healthy lunch your kids will love. Take a look at these tips that make healthy eating easier!

#1- The Main Course

The main course of any meal may be the most important because it’s usually the item that is the largest and should fill you up. Making sure your child has a nutrient filled main course can help them stay energized and focused in class. A main course for your child could be, cheese quesadillas, sandwiches, hard cooked eggs, or soup. These items are good sources of protein and can be jazzed up too. To add even more nutrients, try adding veggie slices to sandwiches or use whole wheat instead of white bread.

#2 Vegetables and Fruits


Vegetables and fruits are an important part of any meal. This is where your child can get their daily dose of vitamins. Tossing in an orange, or a baggie of grapes are good additions to a healthy lunch. For a twist on old classics, you can also add celery sticks or baby carrots with cool dipping sauces like peanut butter or low- fat dressings.

#3 Snacks

Snacks are a good way to prepare for mid-day hunger attacks. Although potato chips, cookies, and candy are easy to grab and go, they are usually filled with high amounts of sugar and salt. Instead, air popped popcorn, baked chips, yogurt, or trail mix are healthier options. They’re equally as tasty and are healthier for your child.

#4 Beverages

Skip the soda and give your child options that are healthier. Fat-free or low fat milk is a better way to quench your child’s thirst. Milk is a good source of calcium for growing children and water can be an option too. These drinks all have lower amounts of sugar and offer more health benefits for your child.

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