Play It Safe On The Playground


Kids love the playground for so many reasons, and we understand why. Where else can you play on slides, almost touch the sky on swings, and/or seesaw with your favorite buddies? As much as we enjoy taking our little ones to the playground, it’s important that these areas are also safe. Checking to make sure your school or park playground is a safe place to play, takes just a few minutes and ensures your kids will have a blast, injury free. Take a look at the tips below, and then head to your favorite playground to have some fun!

Take a look around

Before your kids run out to start playing, take a look around the playground area to make sure it is a safe zone. Look for items that do not belong and could possibly be dangerous. Examples of these items could be glass or bottles, dangerous surfaces, and/or broken equipment. If you can, remove these items from the playground or make sure to report any hazardous or broken equipment to a park staff member.


Now that you have made sure the park is safe, remember to always keep your eyes on your children. Actively supervising your kids helps to eliminate any dangerous activities such as falls or jumping off playground equipment. This step might be the easiest. Your kids will probably be so excited, they’ll be calling for you to watch them climb, jump, and swing.

Choose the Right Play Area

Some playgrounds have separate areas for older and younger children. Make sure to guide your child to the play area for your child’s age.

Soft Landings

When choosing a playground, make sure that there are soft safety landings on the floor to avoid injuries. Examples of unsafe floor surfacing includes: grass, concrete, and asphalt. If an accident were to occur, a child landing on a soft rubber playground flooring, or wood chips is much safer.

Now that you have the basics, take a look at this video from for more information and be sure to download the playground safety tip sheet from Safe Kids World Wide.




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