Work Day Activity


Physical activity is a great way to improve your health.  Being physically active helps you to manage your weight and can also help you to avoid some types of cancer, help you to feel better, and strengthen your bones. Remember that you don’t need to get in all of your physical activity moments at once in order for them to count. As adults, many of us spend a good amount of our waking hours at work. Even if you already are physically active, squeezing in a few physical activity moments into your day may help you to feel more energized and focused at work. Of course with any new physical activity, it is a good idea to check with your doctor to make sure the activity is okay for you.

Bike To Work

Tired of traffic?  Is your bike just sitting in the garage hoping someday you will ride it?   If you want to bike to work, OCTA can help you plan how to get there. Before you begin, you may want to plan ahead by having some supplies waiting for you at work.  You can keep some wipes at your desk as well as a change of clothes.  Bring those on the days that you drive so they will be waiting for you after your ride.  Consider beforehand where you will store your bike while at work.  Last but not least, if it has been a while since you have taken your bike out for spin, make sure your bike is in good working gear and that your helmet is handy.

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Instant Recess

Need a quick pick me up at work? Follow along with this video for a quick break. You can do this at a meeting or at your desk.

Take A Walk

Getting away from your desk and computer during lunch or a break can be a great way to get in some physical activity moments and also get to know your neighborhood at work.  Not sure where to walk to?  Check out Google Maps using the walking function.  Map My Walk is another great resource that allows you to not only figure out where you are going but also to share routes with friends as well as track your success. Keep some sneakers and socks under your desk so you are always ready to take that next step.

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