Rethink Your Way To Healthier Drinks

Did you know that making small changes to your beverages can lead to big wins? Choosing healthier drink options by using simple substitutions can make for much healthier beverage options, which have lower amounts of calories and sugar. Take a look at this list of drink favorites, and learn how you can rethink your way to healthier drinks.


Creamers, added sugars, and syrups can increase the calorie and sugar amounts greatly. “Leave off the extras like whipped cream and caramel drizzle. The calories from added sugars in the toppings alone can really add up” (MyPlate). Instead, try skipping the whipped cream and flavored coffee creamers and use non-fat milk and request for half the syrup.

Lemonades, fruit punch, and sodas

Instead of drinking lemonade, fruit punch, or sodas, try drinking 100% juice options. Pineapple, grape, and orange juices are tasty substitutes that have less sugar than sodas and are much healthier. “Depending on age, children can drink ½ to 1 cup, and adults can drink up to 1 cup of 100% fruit or vegetable juice* each day” (MyPLATE).


Water doesn’t have to be tasteless. Adding in fruits and vegetables can really add extra flavor to your drink. Try adding strawberries and blueberries for a bit of sweetness or lemon and mint leaves for a refreshing taste. Check out these infused water ideas for inspiration.


While some teas come sweetened already, try ordering your tea unsweetened. If you find the taste to be too bitter, add a bit of honey to kick up the sweetness. Another great tip is to brew your own tea by using flavored tea bags. This will create extra flavor and help you cut down on the added sugar.


Take a look at these beverage recipes from USDA What’s Cooking to begin making healthier versions of your favorite drinks.