Snack the Right Way!

Mid-day munchies can sneak up on us. When it comes to snack time, make sure that you are filling your body with healthy choices. Chips, cookies, and candy from the vending machine are convenient, and can be a great treat from time to time, but aren’t always the best options for our body. They usually have high amounts of salt, sugar and fat. Instead, plan ahead and prepare healthy snacks that you can grab and go. Take a look below at a few snack options from USDA Mixing Bowl that taste great and are healthy too.


Sweet and Salty Trail Mix

This trail mix combines crunchy corn and oat cereals with sweet plump raisins. Feel free to add in your favorite nuts or cereals to make a trail mix that’s perfect for you. Once you have finished mixing this treat together, place handfuls of the sweet and salty trail mix into plastic baggies or containers. This makes it easy to grab and go.

Sweet and Salty Trail Mix Recipe

Chili Popcorn

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If you like a little spice in your food, you’ll love this chili popcorn. The flavors really pop, thanks to a few key seasonings; chili and garlic. Also, popcorn is one way to add whole grains and fiber into your diet.

Chili Popcorn Recipe


Frozen Fruit Cups

As the weather heats up, this treat is bound to cool you off. These frozen fruit cups provide the perfect amount of sweetness by using canned, frozen or fresh fruits. Take a look at the recipe below to give it a try.

Frozen Fruit Cups Recipe

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