Spring into Good Health

Spring can mean many things for many people. For some it may mean fresh starts, and for others it could bring about second chances. Spring into good health this year by taking time to EAT healthier, PLAY some way, and BREATHE smoke-free every day! Before you spring into your health goals, take a look at these helpful tips.

Find an activity you enjoy

Finding a PLAY activity that you enjoy could help you continue doing it. If dancing is your thing, consider taking a Zumba class. If you enjoy sports, joining a local sports team may give you a chance to make new friends and play the sport. You can also turn everyday activities into moments for quick workout breaks. Everyday house chores like vacuuming and sweeping, or using your work space to work out on your breaks are a few ideas. Take a look at this physical activity list to learn more about activities that you can try out this spring.

Add more color to your meals

Colorful plates are not only a feast for the eyes but they may also represent better nutrition. Fruits and vegetables come in more colors than can be found in a rainbow, and adding as many of these foods on your plate as possible offers major health benefits. Good health starts from the inside out and filling your body with the stuff it needs, will keep you healthy and strong. Learn more about turning your plate into rainbow by clicking here.

Find motivation from friends and family

During the quitting process, friends and family can motivate you to stay smoke-free for good. Although choosing to not smoke is for your own wellbeing and leads to a path for better health, friends and family can become your biggest cheerleaders along the way. Openly talk to your loved ones about your journey and share your successes as you reach them. Before you know it, you’ll be smoke-free for good and celebrating this victory with your personal cheerleaders! To hear success stories of real people who quit, please click here.

Discover new recipes

Each day brings a new opportunity, or in this case a new recipe for you to try. USDA mixing bowl has plenty of healthy recipes that can turn cooking into play time. From breakfast to dinner, there’s always a way to make your meal healthier by adding fruits and vegetables. Take a look at these tasty and healthy cooking videos to get you inspired.

Plan a family and friends day out

Orange County is a giant playground for fun and almost any activity can be turned into a family and friends day out. With so many parks to explore, there’s room to play sports, enjoy the hiking trails, or attend local community events. Take a look at this calendar to find an event, park, or playground nearest you. Destination fun is only one click away!



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