Springtime Treats Kids Will Love!

Let’s run into Spring!”

What comes to your mind when you think of springtime? Is it baby chicks, vibrant colors, or bunny rabbits? If so, here’s a few healthy recipes that are springtime themed and are almost too cute to eat! This spring, have your kid’s join you in the kitchen as you prepare these awesome treats just in time for the season. To get started take a look at the recipes below.

Colorful Deviled Eggs

Colorfully dyed eggs just scream springtime, don’t you agree? This deviled egg recipe is special because it’s super colorful and tasty! Here’s a tip, if you normally dye your eggs using food coloring, feel free to do so or you can give these naturally dyed instructions a try. Unlike traditional deviled eggs that use mayo, this dish uses Greek yogurt. Not only does this cut calories, but it also adds a unique flavor. Once you’re done, you can spice up your eggs by lightly sprinkling pepper for a bit of spice or try adding paprika for added color. Click here to try this recipe from PBS.

Peter Rabbit Fruit Kabobs

Fruit kabobs are great just about any time of the year, but you can transform them into bunny kabobs for a special treat! By using a rabbit shaped cookie cutter, you can turn any of your favorite fruits into peter rabbit kabobs. Anything from melons to pineapples are good choices and your kids will be sure to enjoy these sweet bunnies.

Peter Rabbit Fruit Kabob Recipe


Carrot Hummus Pots

Carrot stick hummus pots make a great mid-day snack, plus there almost too cute to eat. If you don’t happen to have miniature terra cotta pots, use miniature paper cups and have your kids design the outside with colorful markers. This recipe is pretty simple, and only needs three ingredients: baby carrots, parsley, and hummus. Take a look at how to “plant” these carrot sticks below.

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