Switch it Up

Image of many red apples. Image to encourage a healthier food choice.

Everyday we have a variety of food and beverage choices.  Choosing foods that are high in fat such as fried foods or pastries can increase health related problems such as heart disease and stroke (American Heart Association).

Making a switch to foods that are low in fat and sugar can help lower your risk of heart disease. Switching to healthier foods can also help your body get the nutrients it needs to protect you against infections, have strong teeth and bones, and lower the risk of certain cancers (HHS.gov).  Make the healthier choice and switch it up!

Here are ways to make a healthier switch.

Switch to water. Drink water when you are thirsty in place of sugar-sweetened drinks such as soda or sports drinks.

Switch your snack. Have an apple, grapes, bananas, nuts, or low-fat yogurt instead of a bag of chips, cookies, or a candy bar when you crave for a sweet snack.

Switch the recipe. Try healthier recipe ingredients. Simple ingredient substitutions can offer a healthier boost to your favorite recipes, while still remaining tasty. Try the whole wheat blueberry muffins recipe from FoodHero.org.

Switch the side dish. Replace a salad, baked potato, whole grain bread, or whole grain rice as a side dish in place of french-fries, onion rings, or nachos.

Switch the topping. Try a vinaigrette salad dressing in place of ranch dressing, salsa for sour cream, or raw honey in place of pancake syrup.

Visit the sites below for more ways to switch it up.

Smart substitutions – Healthy substitutions from the American Heart Association to help cut back on sodium, sugar, saturated fats, trans fats and cholesterol, with little, if any, difference in taste.

Low calorie and low fat alternate food guide – Replacing high calorie/ high fat foods with lower fat/ lower calorie choices is a great way to build healthy lifetime habits. Guide provided by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Easy ways to eat healthy – Easy-to-do healthy eating tips found on MyHealthOC that can make a huge impact on your daily intake and overall long-term health.






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