What’s In Season This Fall?

What’s in season this fall? With the first day of fall only a few days away, now is the perfect time to start loading your shopping carts with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Orange County farmer’s markets are places to shop for produce, and many vendors offer samples for you to try. At home, try adding these fruits and veggies to your favorite dishes to create meals worth remembering. Take a look at the list below for a few fall seasonal inspirations.



Pumpkins are not only for October and carving cute and scary faces for Halloween. In fact, pumpkins are edible and can be added into many popular dishes. You can add the fresh or canned pumpkin, into drinks, soups, and even pancakes. This fall, try making the Perfect pumpkin pancakes for breakfast or use your pumpkins to make a Pumpkin smoothie or a Pumpkin parfait. For more information on the health benefits of pumpkins, please click here.





Did you know, that the majority of garlic grown in the United States comes from California?

Garlic, which is highly nutritious, is an herb that can help conditions related to the heart and blood system. One simple way to begin eating more garlic, is to add it into your favorite dishes. A few popular recipes that include garlic are, Garlic red potatoes and a Tomato and garlic omelet. For more information on garlic, please click here.



Grapes are a tasty snack that can also add a sweet touch to meals. You can also satisfy your mid-day hunger needs by tossing a handful of grapes into a bag or container. You can munch on this healthy snack anytime during the day. If you like fruit and yogurt, try making this Fruit yogurt parfait. Or, for a sweet and savory lunch option, try out this Chicken Waldorf salad. For more information on grapes, please click here.



Cauliflower, also known as broccoli’s cousin, is a tasty and unique vegetable. While you might be used to seeing white cauliflower, purple and orange cauliflower is available too. When choosing cauliflower, you can either buy it fresh or frozen. If you choose to buy fresh cauliflower, look for a compact piece that has creamy white curds and bright green leaves. You’ll want to avoid any pieces that may be bruised or have brown spots. You can keep it simple and choose to make Roasted Cauliflower or kick up your usual pizza recipe by making a Cauliflower crust pizza. For more information on cauliflower, please click here.






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