myHEALTHoc graphic resources


myHEALTHoc Graphic Resources

Join the myHEALTHoc movement and encourage those around you to EAT fresh, PLAY some way, and BREATHE smoke-free. Please consider linking to on your website and/or blog. Below, are two graphic files that you can use  to link to  The animated graphic rotates through the campaign messages (Eat.Play.Breathe) and the other ad is a static image for the campaign.  The Health Care Agency hopes that community organizations can post either of these ads on their website to create a seamless link between our websites.


The following are instructions for posting the ads on a webpage:Eat Play Breathe Web Button

Upload image to your website.

Insert image on page (sidebar, header, footer, in text)

Highlight the image and click the hyperlink button in your toolbar

Add in the link field

Save and apply changes

EatPlayBreathe-animated Web ad

myHealthOC logo