3 Tips to Be Safe and Healthy This Halloween

The fall season brings about crisp air, tri-colored leaves and family friendly celebrations. With Halloween fast approaching, remember that health, safety, and fun, should go hand in hand. Find out how to keep your loved ones safe and healthy this Halloween by taking a look at these 3 simple tips below.

Play it safe!

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Halloween is a night where trick-or-treaters big and small come out to Play. If you will be driving, be aware of the presence of people walking. Drive slowly and make sure to watch closely for trick-or-treaters crossing the streets. If you are out trick-or treating, remember to look for cars before crossing streets or intersections. To make yourself visible, use reflective gear or tape, so that drivers will see you from a distance. Also, remember to obey all traffic signals and avoid using cell phones or headphones when walking to avoid distractions. Check out CDC’s Injury Center for tips to stay safe at home, on the road, and at play.

Provide healthier treats

Candy isn’t the only option when trick-or-treaters come to visit. Try providing a variety of fun treats that can even include inexpensive jump ropes or colorful toothbrushes. For your costumed guests, you can instead offer fruits, vegetables, and other low sugar options. One fun idea is to draw spooky faces on peel and eat fruits such as oranges and tangerines. For healthy Halloween treats, please click here.

Be smoke-free

Halloween is safer and healthier when it’s smoke-free. Smoking harms your body and second hand smoke is a danger to those around you. Make the decision to keep your Halloween activities smoke-free by making the decision to quit today. For information and resources on becoming smoke-free, please visit It’s Time to Breathe Smoke-Free Every Day!


For more Halloween health and safety tips, please click here.

Happy and safe Halloween!







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