Feeding Your Baby

Having a baby is a very exciting time! Breastfeeding is the first step to a healthy life and forms a natural and lasting bond between mother and child. Breastfeeding gives babies a healthy start in life. A Guide to Breastfeeding can help you get started.

A Guide to Breastfeeding ▶

Breast Milk VS. Formula

A big decision new moms must make is their little one’s nutrition. Does a mom breastfeed or formula feed? Click on the button to find out the nutrient facts for breast milk and formula.

Breast Milk VS. Formula ▶

Make Breastfeeding Easier

Breastfeeding takes practice, but it is worth it for you and your baby. Make this special experience easy and prevent breastfeeding problems with these helpful tips.

Breastfeeding Tips ▶

Common Myths about Breastfeeding

New moms get a lot of baby advice. Although well-meaning friends and family usually have an opinion or a few good pointers, too often the wrong information is passed along. To help you tell fact from fiction, here are 14 common breastfeeding myths.

Common Myths ▶

What To Eat While Breastfeeding

Many new moms wonder how breastfeeding will affect their diet. You probably don’t need to make any major changes to what you eat or drink when you’re nursing, though there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. Take a look at these suggestions.

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