Hit The Tap

Drinking water throughout the day is very important to your best physical health. Whether you are playing outdoors or staying busy in the house, drinking water keeps us healthy and strong!

Below you will find a few tips that are super simple and can  help you drink more water throughout your day. Give them a try.

Tip #1 Add flavor to your water

 Add flavor to your water by adding fruits and veggies. A few ideas that you’re sure to love are adding mint, cucumber, and lemon for a refreshing taste or try adding pineapples, strawberries, and oranges for a fruity flavor.

Tip #2 Track your glasses

A fun way to make sure your drinking enough water is to keep track of all of the glasses that you do drink. Give this printable water tracker by cleanmama.net a try to help you.

Tip #3 Think of all the money you’ll be saving

Water is free almost anywhere you can imagine going. Saving an extra $2-$3 every time you have a meal is a major plus. Just think of how much you will have saved in a months’ time simply from drinking water.

Tip #4 EAT your water

Many fruits and vegetable are filled with water. Cucumbers, melons, and celery are great sources of water filled vegetables.

Tip #5 Make it apart of your morning routine

Try setting an exact time to drink one glass of water in the morning. Before you know it will become a part of your daily routine.