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6 Questions To Ask About Your Child’s Recess

Every school’s recess period is a critical part of the school day. A healthy recess – one where every kid gets to play – can send students back to class happy, refreshed and ready to learn.

Group Of Young Children Running Towards Camera In Park Smiling

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Reduce Screen time & get moving

Did you know that, on average, teens spend approximately 7 hours each day watching TV, playing video games, using the computer, and/ or texting? With tablets, cell phones, computers, and TV’s being an ordinary part of children’s daily routine, screen time has reached an all-time high. Decreasing the amount of time your child spends using technology, can help your child be healthier. Also, limiting your child’s screen time can help your child be at a healthy weight, help with school performance and also improve sleep.

Screen Time vs. Lean Time infographic for the 8-10 age group

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Be an Active Family

Being active as a family can be fun and offers great health benefits for everyone. Use these ten tips to learn how to get your family active!

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14 Ways to Get Kids Moving

When exercise is a regular part of the family’s activities, everyone wins! Motivate your kids to get off the couch and get moving. There are so many ways to get active and have fun. To add an extra boost of motivation, try adding in goals, targets, or a family friendly competition.

Through rainy or sunny days, there are always opportunities to get your children up and moving. Take a look at these ideas to get your family active whether it be indoors or outdoors.

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For The Kids

For all you moms and dads out there, you may be trying to find ways to get your kids away from the computer and away from the screen.  Well these sites are here to get your family moving.  So turn on that computer and get ready to work up a sweat.

Additional Videos:

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For The Parents

Walk and Roll to School  Did you know that only 14% of kids walk to school?  Walking to school is a great way to burn some calories and reduce traffic.  Kaiser Permanente and Safe Routes to School have teamed up to create this resource for parents, kids and schools to walk.

Healthy Habits for Life  Take a trip to Sesame Street where Burt, Ernie and others help to get your kids moving.