Refresh with Fruit-Flavored Water

Summer is here! This is a great time to spend a day at the park, have a picnic, host a barbecue, or enjoy other outdoor events. With all this summer fun, you are sure to get thirsty. What can you serve your friends and family as a cool beverage? You could offer soda or fruit punch, which is usually high in sugar and calories (CDC), or you can make a pitcher of fruit-flavored water. Flavored water recipes are a great way to satisfy that thirst.  Not only are they refreshing, but can be easy to make and low in cost.

Here are three reasons to enjoy water recipes:

Boost the flavor of water: Add chopped or sliced fruit like strawberries, limes, peaches or oranges to water. This helps to increase the taste of plain water. TIP: For a stronger flavor, cut the fruit into smaller pieces.

Water recipes are low in calories with NO ADDED sugar: A 20 ounce bottle of cola can have 258 calories and 15 teaspoons of sugar, a 20 ounce sports drink can have 125 calories and nine teaspoons of sugar (CDPH). Cucumber Mint Breeze ­water recipe has 0 calories and 0 added sugar (CalFresh-Healthy Living)

A variety of fruit to choose from: Peaches, strawberries, lemons, limes and cucumbers are normally available during the summer months. Fruit and vegetables can also cost less when they are in season (USDA).

Enjoy these refreshing water recipes:

Lemon, Orange & Lime Blend (LOL) – 1 Lemon, 1 Orange and 2 Limes (sliced)

Kiwi Berry Blend – 1 or 2 kiwis, sliced or cut into chunks and 2 cups strawberries, cut in halves

Preparation for both recipes: Recipes courtesy of California Dept. of Public Health

  1. Wash fruit
  2. Fill pitcher halfway with ice
  3. Add fruit
  4. Fill with water. Chill for at least  20 minutes before serving
  5. Store in refrigerator and drink within 24 hours

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