What You Should Know About OC Farmers Markets

What makes the farmers’ market such a special place is that you’re actually creating community around food.” – Bryant Terry

If you’ve never been to one of the many Orange County Farmers’ markets, a few things are helpful to know before you go. Like, a tote bag can be very helpful in carrying your fruits and veggies. Or, knowing that rather than just a place to shop, farmers markets are an experience. There’s music to dance to, fruits and veggies to sample, and your purchase supports local Orange County farmers.  So, before you go, check out these things you should know.

Samples are offered

Farmers’ markets offer a range of fresh and locally grown produce. Many vendors will have sampling trays at their booths, but simply asking to taste a fruit or vegetable is another way to try out what you see. Let your taste buds roam wild and try out a few items you may not be familiar with. Seasonal winter squashes or melons make good choices.


Find in-season fruits & vegetables

Each new season brings different harvested fruits and vegetables. With the winter season upon us,   should be available at most farmers’ markets and grocery stores. You can enjoy these seasonal goods as snacks or add them to your favorite recipes. Many farmers will be sure to have great ideas on how to store your fruits and vegetables, cooking methods, and the benefits they offer.


Farmers markets offer foods that align with MyPlate guidelines

Using MyPlate as a healthy eating tool, is one way to make sure you’re eating healthy and including all of the food groups. Farmers’ markets provide fruits and vegetables to support following the MyPlate lifestyle. Besides the fruits and vegetables that you see on MyPlate, dairy, grain and protein items can also be purchased at some farmers’ markets. Did you know that the famers’ market in Buena Park offers fruits & vegetables, eggs, and honey? Find out what each Orange County farmers’ market offers here.


Farmers’ Markets are year round

Aside from Monday’s (closed), Orange County farmers’ markets are open year round. That means, no matter the season, you can find a farmers’ market to visit. Find your local farmers’ market below:


Orange County Farmers Markets Calendar




Take a look at this video, to learn more on why farmers markets are a great place to shop!